Hypnotherapy & NLP Therapy in Sandhurst, Kent

Kids Workshops

Communication Skills

  • Using the NLP communication model, we will discover the link between your thinking, words and the response you get to them
  • Matching and Mirroring- Using words, physiology and tonality to make and break rapport.
  • Powerful words and words to avoid.
  • Seeing from someone else’s perspective.
  • Study Stress
  • Setting goals- what do you want to achieve?
  • Believe in yourself – You’ll achieve more if you do.
  • Expand your ability to remember using the memory skills of memory record holders.
  • And relax! You have a greater chance of passing those exams if you learn how to relax when you’re doing them!

Confidence building

  • Understand how your thinking creates a good day or a bad day.
  • Presenting perfectly.
  • Learn to believe in yourself by realising your super hero skills.
  • Can you remember a confident time? Lets re-install that feeling into RIGHT NOW!


  • Anchoring- How to get into a good state super fast!
  • No more bad language! Create the perfect sentences for ultimate motivation.
  • Learn how to change emotions and easily remove problems.
  • Coming to your senses – find out what motivates you to learn: the things you see, hear or do.

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