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Cure Phobias

If spiders make you scream, needles make you nauseous, dentists fill you with dread or flying makes you faint, you’re not alone. These fears are commonplace. Most of us have a phobic response to one thing or another and sometimes these can have a detrimental effect on our lives.

Phobia causes are many and varied, from the debilitating anxiety of agoraphobia, fear of crowds or being trapped, to the slightly strange, like buttons, balloons or clowns. There is even a phobia of phobias. It seems there is no limit to the variety of often benign and completely harmless things we can frighten ourselves with.
The unconscious mind has one primary task in life and that is to keep you safe. If something scares you (or even embarrasses you severely) the unconscious will seek to avoid the same or similar situations.
Irrational and outside of our conscious control, when a phobia is triggered our imagination runs riot creating an extreme emotional reaction. NLP and Hypnotherapy uses your brilliant, creative mind to replace the fear with alternative ways of thinking, feeling and responding, restoring calmness and control.

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