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Exam Nerves

All of the following, and more, are very common issues and signs of test or exam nerves:

  • Feelings of anxiousness in the time leading up to the test.
  • Butterflies in the tummy, feeling sick, and a dry mouth.
  • Trembling hands trying to write the answers in a written test.
  • A blank mind during the test.
  • Fear of speaking in front of examiners in an oral exam.

The symptoms of exam nerves make it difficult for the most diligent of students to make the grade. Our primitive fight or flight response which once helped us to perceived danger by sending oxygenated blood to arms and legs so we can fight or run away from predators is useless in modern day life and completely debilitating when it starves our brain of the oxygen necessary to be sharp and responsive. This is why the mind can literally go blank the moment you turn over an exam paper.

This ancient neurological programming can be simply switched off by removing the perceived danger from the situation. Anxiety and stress often cause us to mentally rehearse the ‘worst thing’, leading to a chemical chain reaction which alters cognitive function and leads us to anticipate failure. In other words, if you believe you haven’t revised enough, aren’t clever enough or don’t deserve to succeed, you are probably going to prove yourself right.

Many of the feelings that people with a fear of a test or exam face, are often to do with lack of confidence while in a test situation which leads to exam nerves. This fear can be compounded by the importance of doing well in the test along with pressure from well-meaning family and friends which doesn’t help the situation either.

So turning that thought process round using NLP and Hypnotherapy is a really intelligent way of accessing your best resources and remaining calm and focused when you’re learning, revising and taking exams. Your memory is a filing cabinet and you have the key. Gentle, relaxing hypnotherapy and/or NLP can help bring back your confidence, restoring feelings of control and enabling you to remain calm enough to perform to the best of your ability.

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