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Overcome Anger

How many times did you get angry today? Did you honk in pointless rage at the traffic making you late for work? Did you throw a fit because your kids didn’t pick up their socks again? Were you upset because your partner was late for dinner? Anger management can put you back in control.

Have you ever considered what you may be doing to your poor heart while you fume and spout and your blood pressure soars? Have you ever considered what the constant anger and irritability may do to your relationships with people you love? From Dr Jekyll to Mr or Mrs Hyde is a short leap once you are in the habit of seeing red over things both big and small. When little things seem to irritate you beyond belief, you feel like everything is against you and the only way to get through to people is to shout and scream. There is another way.

A state of calm self-control can be effectively achieved through Hypnotherapy which can nip destructive emotions in the bud by working through your unconscious to switch off the triggers which cause anger and NLP that teaches you to be more relaxed and look at things in a different way, making light of the situations which once angered you.

Maybe it’s time you took control to help you see colours other than red.

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