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Tackle Depression

There is a long list of common triggers for low mood, ranging from bereavement and illness to divorce and unemployment. Sometimes our coping skills are simply not enough and often medical intervention is more than is necessary to deal with these challenging phases in our lives.

There are degrees of depression, ranging from a clinical condition which requires controlling with ongoing medication to the episodic kind which can afflict the most balanced of us when circumstances become overwhelming.

Depression has many causes and many avenues of treatment. It can affect you physically, causing problems such as eating disorders, insomnia, lethargy, fatigue and anxiety. Depression can affect your ability to think clearly, making it difficult to concentrate or make decisions. Poor memory and bad judgement are other symptoms.

Despite many side effects, medication can provide relief and, in some instances, is definitely required. So if you think you are suffering from depression, remember there are many treatment options to explore. Underlying medical and psychological disorders that create depression may need a full investigation before you seek hypnotherapy.

Whatever type of depression you have, it is possible to break the pattern if you want to. Firstly, it is important to recognise depression and get help specific to your individual needs. Through NLP and hypnotherapy you can find out what to do differently, managing your depression and providing a better future for yourself.

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